Who is this guy?

My name is Rickard Lindfors and I’ve played some Magic: the Gathering for quite some time now (opened my first booster at Portal Second Age). I live in Stockholm, Sweden and known as triss at our country’s best and biggest magic site: www.svenskamagic.com. Although work is consuming alot of time nowadays and I don’t attend that many tournaments anymore, I do try to play some GP:s och PTQ:s from time to time. To prepare for such events, I usually play some MtGO (and now a little bit of Arena), nicking Zoizaite. I don’t have that much of magic accomplishments outside of Sweden, maybe besides a Pro Tour appearance at PT Born of the Gods in Valencia.

  • Color: Blue
  • Card: Gifts Ungiven
  • Constructed Format: Modern
  • Limited Format: Innistrad Draft
  • Deck: Angelfire

Outside of Magic, I work as an system devoloper at Södertörn University in Huddinge. I'm really not really a good programmer, so creating this simulator was good learning experience. Thanks to my friend Mikael Berglund who helped me!

Why this simulator?

Because I really miss an interactive sealed deck simulator on the net! Also, I really hate it when people are writing tournament reports about their sealed deck; they just list their 84-card pool and ask their readers how they would have built it. For me, that’s just sad, since it is such a huge contrast between a sealed deck on paper and having the cards in front of you. Hopefully, a simulator like this gets you a little closer to the IRL experience.

And no, I don’t want take anything away from MTGO. On Magic Online (and IRL for that matter) you spend very little time on deckbuilding, and the matches will take most of your time. That means you don’t get to practice all that much on the deckbuilding itself, which hopefully this simulator can change. Since this means no Magic gameplay, I hope Wizards don’t see the site as rival, but more like an Magic enhancer. I want players to get better, be ready for MtGO’s sealed deck, and share deck building experience in a different way!

It has been a couple of years since I built this simulator, and I know that much can be better, but I just don't that have that much spare time anymore, sadly. You might still have questions or suggestions? Twitter @sealedmagic or mail me: support@sealedmagic.se